Parents’ Evenings

Dear Parents / Carers,

Having surveyed staff and parents/carers about the forthcoming Parents’ Evening, the majority favoured staying with a virtual event.  The main reasons for this were that appointment times were adhered to more easily than when conducting face to face.  In addition, some parents/carers mentioned that it is easier for both adults at home to attend virtually if younger siblings need childcare on those evenings.  Car parking is also a huge issue on evenings like this, so that was also a contributing factor.

I acknowledge the downsides too though: many said that seeing the staff face to face has been missed.

Moving forward, in Years 7, 9 and 11, Parents’ Evenings will be face to face and Years 8 and 10 Parents’ Evening will remain virtual.

The reason for this structure is due to decisions around each of the three face to face meetings.  In Year 7 it is important for parents and carers to meet the teachers of their child.  In Year 11, seeing the teachers to receive information about preparing for GCSE examinations is also better received face to face.  In Year 9 Options choices need to be made, so a face to face event is more suitable.

Students will now choose their options during Year 9 for the start of Year 10 rather than in previous years, where this has been done in Year 8.  The reason for this is due to the disruption during these first few years during the Covid measures in school.  This means that you will see your children’s teachers in Year 9 through the Option process, which is better to be conducted face to face.  The implications are that your child will therefore continue all subjects through into Year 9 and will then choose during the year ready to start the GCSE courses in Year 10 through to Year 11.

If our parents’ evening is a virtual evening, we will run this through our Schoolcloud software, which is very simple and easy to use; we kindly request that you use the following links to learn about how to book your appointments and how to attend the virtual appointments:

Parents evening booking Guide

How to attend a Virtual Parents’ Evening

In the unlikely event that you do not have internet access via a laptop or smartphone, making virtual attendance impossible, please Contact Us to discuss the issues.

Parents’ Evenings 2022-23:

Year 7 – Thursday 10th November 2022 – Meet The Tutor Evening

Year 7 – Thursday 18th May 2023

Year 8 – Thursday 4th May 2023

Year 9 – Thursday 9th March 2023

Year 9 – Thursday 16th March – Options Fair

Year 10 – Thursday 17th November 2022

Year 11 – Thursday 26th January 2023

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