PSHE Learning Outcomes KS3

PSHE Learning Outcomes KS3


Learners are able to:
• demonstrate an understanding of the concept of ‘career’ in relation to examples of people that they know
• recognise their strengths, achievements and weaknesses and evaluate how these might inform future choices in learning and work
• describe some of the qualities, attitudes and skills needed for employability


Learners are able to:
• demonstrate a range of enterprise skills, attitudes and qualities
• explain a range of financial terms and products and describe different ways to manage their money and personal finances
• assess their needs, interests, skills, attitudes and aspirations in relation to options for learning and work and make creative and realistic plans for transition into Key Stage 4
• use information sources to explore options and choices for learning and work
• demonstrate capability as critical consumers of goods and services


Learners are able to:
• explain the positive and negative aspects of risk-taking in relation to economic issues and financial and career choices
• assess and manage risks relating to financial, enterprise and career choices, and learn from mistakes

Economic understanding

Learners are able to:
• demonstrate an understanding of the economic and business environment, including how and why different businesses operate, and of different types of work, including employment, self-employment and voluntary work
• demonstrate and apply understanding of economic ideas
• explain a range of basic economic and business terms

Personal identities

Learners are able to:
• reflect on and evaluate their achievements and strengths in different areas of their lives
• recognise strong emotions and identify ways of managing these positively
• recognise that external factors, such as relationships, achievements and setbacks, can affect emotional well-being, and identify how they can take this into account

Healthy lifestyles

Learners are able to:
• identify characteristics of good health and how to stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy
• make informed choices about their health and well-being and explain reasons for their choices
• demonstrate effective ways of resisting negative pressure, including peer pressure
• describe the main effects of, and laws relating to, alcohol, tobacco and other legal and illegal drugs


Learners are able to:
• describe the positive and negative impacts of risk-taking on their health and well-being
• assess and manage risks associated with personal lifestyle choices and situation, try new ideas and face challenges safely


Learners are able to:
• identify the importance of having a variety of social and personal relationships and how these can impact on their lives and well-being
• understand the nature and importance of marriage and stable relationships to parenthood and family life
• discuss ways that relationships might change over time and demonstrate how to negotiate within relationships


Learners are able to:
• describe differences and diversity and demonstrate respect and empathy towards others who live their lives differently from them
• challenge prejudice and discrimination in an appropriate manner
• demonstrate recognition of the achievements, strengths and worth of others.

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