Revision and Intervention.

At The Stanway School, we want all our students to succeed and be the best they can be. We know that each student learns at their own pace and for some, they need some extra support throughout the year, for others, they may want the opportunity to consolidate their understanding or to build confidence in a subject. For this reasons we work hard to make sure we can offer every student the opportunity to learn and be supported outside of their usual timetabled lessons. To us, every student matters and this is why our staff volunteer their free time outside of lessons to put on the wide variety of revision and intervention we are able to offer.

We update our Revision and Intervention timetable each half term to ensure it meets the needs of our students. Please click on the timetable below to see what we are running this half term.

We are currently running a 2 week timetable so that our students are given the opportunity to attend subjects that are on the same night, on alternative weeks. Teachers are aware that some may choose to split their time, however, please inform them if you are going to be attending on alternative weeks so that they are aware.

Some subjects choose not to run sessions outside of the lesson, this is due to the fact that they have planned the revision time into their scheme of work and will be doing class based revision throughout the year and leading up to the examinations. If you would like us to offer a revision session that is not currently on, please contact your head of year or class teacher to discuss.

To explain our Revision and Intervention Timetable we have produced a short video for you should you wish to watch it.

Autumn Revision Plan –

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National "Thank a Teacher" Day - Thursday 26th May

Dear Parents and Carers 26th May is National Thank a Teacher Day.  Our teaching and support staff work tirelessly to enable our students to enjoy their learning and achieve their personal best.  I know many of you appreciate the work they do and we would love to see as many 'thank you cards' as possible sent this week.  You can send a free thank you to any member of staff; teachers, teaching assistants, catering, site team, cleaners, admin.  You can access the thank you cards via this link. 'Thank You Card' 
If you do not know the email of the staff member directly you can use the formula below or send it to

To email a class teacher at The Stanway school, please use our standard formula:

For example, to contact Mr S Barker:-