Head of House
Mrs Leanne Horcox

House Captains:

Welcome to Wellington House. Every student and form tutor in Wellington House work together as a team and support each other. We are very proud of our House and have earned the nickname ‘the friendly House’. We are always pleased to hear from our students including their news, successes and anything else they want to share with us and we encourage an ‘open door’ policy. Students never fail to represent us in all the Interhouse competitions and if there was a prize for being determined, helpful and sunny we would certainly win overall 1st place every year! We believe in our house ethos that if we Work hard and Play hard we can be happy – in turn working towards building upon the Stanway standard being  Considerate, Responsible, Proud, respectful and Determined.

Wellington House currently supports the Teenage Cancer Trust. For teenagers who are diagnosed with cancer it is incredibly sad and frightening to have their normal life significantly affected at a time in their lives when they should be experiencing all the excitement and adventures that being a teenager brings. The Teenage Cancer Trust raises funds to provide specialist units in NHS hospitals which improve the quality of life and chances of survival if they are treated by teenage cancers experts. They believe that teenagers shouldn’t stop being teenagers just because they are unwell so the units have everything that teenagers enjoy which is why your money is so vital and appreciated. We have sadly witnessed in school the devastating effects cancer can have on teenagers so we are delighted that through various fundraising efforts our students have raised in excess of £26,000,000 in the last few years! Our students are always looking for innovative ideas to raise money and would welcome any support or suggestions.

Education Business Awards

National "Thank a Teacher" Day - Thursday 26th May

Dear Parents and Carers 26th May is National Thank a Teacher Day.  Our teaching and support staff work tirelessly to enable our students to enjoy their learning and achieve their personal best.  I know many of you appreciate the work they do and we would love to see as many 'thank you cards' as possible sent this week.  You can send a free thank you to any member of staff; teachers, teaching assistants, catering, site team, cleaners, admin.  You can access the thank you cards via this link. 'Thank You Card' 
If you do not know the email of the staff member directly you can use the formula below or send it to admin@stanway.school

To email a class teacher at The Stanway school, please use our standard formula:  forename.surname@stanway.school

For example, to contact Mr S Barker:- Scott.Barker@stanway.school