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Here you can find all the key updates for your subjects in Year 11.




Departments will be using this page as a way of updating students about assessments that are pending, how their portfolios are being collated in preparation for the Teacher Assessed Grades being submitted in the Summer and also highlighting any specific subject-based updates about the Summer assessments for 2021.

Please use the menu section below to go to the relevant subject area / for general updates:

Please see the letter below about how grades are to be awarded for Year 11 students this summer. The letter also includes the timetable of the Controlled Assessments talking place after Easter:

Awarding grades in summer 2021

General Information / Updates



How GCSEs and Vocational qualifications (Btec/Cambridge Nationals) will be awarded

As you are aware, due to the disruption to your education because of the pandemic, the Government decided that the 2021 Summer Examinations would not take place. Instead, it was decided that teachers would decide what Grade you should be allocated.  

The Department for Education and Ofqual (the group incharge of all exams) held a consultation on alternative arrangements for exams and assessments.  They have now published what they have decided to do.  We wanted to make sure you were all aware of what those decisions were and how they will impact you over the coming months.  Below is a summary of what has been decided. 

If you have any questions after reading this summary or watching the video from Mr MacPhail then make sure you ask us.  Your tutor is always a good person to ask first, you can also speak to your year team; Mr MacPhail and Mrs Abbott or one of the Senior Leaders for Exams; Mrs Wadsworth (Assistant Headteacher) or Mr Player (Deputy Headteacher).   

  • Your teachers will be the ones deciding what grade you will get in your GCSEs & Vocational Qualifications e.g. Btec and Cambridge Nationals.
  • There are no external exams or externally marked ‘mini exams’ from exam boards.
  • There will be internal assessments, these may be in the form of class/homework assessments and/or mock examinations as these will help teachers decide what grade to give you. 
  • You will only be assessed on things we have covered over your GCSE course, not things we haven’t covered.
  • Decisions about grades should be made as late as possible in the academic year.  The 18th of June 2021 is the day they need to be sent off to the exam boards.
  • You will get your results on Thursday 12th August 2021 (we will give you further details about this closer to the time)
  • In making their decisions, teachers will be using a range of evidence from work completed throughout your GCSE studies, this could include;  
  • Class assessments
  • Remote learning assessments
  • Mock exams 
  • Non-exam assessments (NEAs) if you do this as part of your course
  • Class & home work projects set
  • Records of how you have performed or your capability over the course (this is for practical subjects such as Drama, PE and Music in particular)
  • As every subject is different we will be asking your teacher to make it clear what they will be using as evidence to decide your grade.
  • There will be an appeals process for you to follow if you feel the grade you have been given is not correct (we will send guidance on this at a later date).
  • Work on NEAs need to continue.
  • An autumn series of exams will be available if you feel you want to sit exams.  

We know you will have questions about; when we will be doing any mock exams, when will your leavers day be and will there be a prom.  We will aim to answer those questions as soon as we are able to.  In the meantime, as we have said all along, your revision has not been wasted, you have been completing assessments remotely, when you return we will continue with these assessments and after the Easter break we will have more formal mock style assessments.  

We have been impressed by how resilient you have been over the last few months of lockdown and we are looking forward to seeing you all back in the classroom.  We are confident that, working together, we can get each one of you the grades that you deserve.  All we need you to do is come back with a positive, can do attitude.




English Language & Literature

Please see the guidance below about the Year 11 English Language mock results:

Year 11 English Language Mock guide


Please see the guidance below about how students will be building their portoflios of assessment in English:



Please see the attached letter and accompanying video below about a Controlled Assessment which will be taking place on Friday 12th March during Periods 3&4.

Year 11 Maths Controlled Assessment Friday 12th March


Please see the instructions below regarding how the assessment portfolios are going to be built in Mathematics:


Come back soon for specific updates!

Humanities (Geography & History)

Below is the assessment schedule for students in History:



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Computer Science & IT

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Art & Graphics

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Drama, Music & Media Studies

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Design & Technology

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GCSE PE, Sports Science & Dance

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Citizenship & Child Development

Child Development: The current expected date for results of OCR National Level 1/2 RO18 Examination result along with RO19 Coursework result is Thursday 25th March 2021.

Education Business Awards

National "Thank a Teacher" Day - Thursday 26th May

Dear Parents and Carers 26th May is National Thank a Teacher Day.  Our teaching and support staff work tirelessly to enable our students to enjoy their learning and achieve their personal best.  I know many of you appreciate the work they do and we would love to see as many 'thank you cards' as possible sent this week.  You can send a free thank you to any member of staff; teachers, teaching assistants, catering, site team, cleaners, admin.  You can access the thank you cards via this link. 'Thank You Card' 
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