Pride Month

Pride Month
24/05/2021 John Player

PRIDE Month/ School Diversity Week June 2021

During PRIDE Month/ School Diversity Week in June 2021, we are launching a number of events across the school:

  • Assemblies to inform the students about what PRIDE Month/ School Diversity Week is – we want to ensure that people across the school know what diversity means to us as The Stanway School community.
  • Activities in form time PSHE sessions on PRIDE and Diversity. For example, the students are going to be completing a quiz to see what they already know about LGBT+ and Diversity. Alongside this, the students will be creating their own flag/ piece of bunting to represent their individual personality.
  • Inter-House competition, led by Mrs Macdonald, to promote PRIDE across the school. This is running between 24th May and 7th June. This is your chance to get creative and represent diversity across the school by creating a poster, badge, slogan or a cake. There will be prizes on offer for those in each of the year groups/ houses for the most creative ideas!
  • Elements in lessons in the week commencing 21st June in every subject across the curriculum with the theme of PRIDE/ Diversity. These will be delivered, mainly at KS3, as either stand alone individual lessons or as integrated elements within existing lessons. See the pictures for some ideas of what you might be covering!
  • There are also going to be a series of new diversity information/ displays across the school. Mrs Taylor has created a colourful display on the ground floor of B Block so please take a look!


Diversity Champions

This is a new group that will be launching in PRIDE Month/ School Diversity Week (June 2021) for students to get involved with raising the awareness of diversity across The Stanway School. They will be working alongside Mrs Deighton, Miss Whittle, Mr Hanna, Mrs Macdonald and Mrs Wright to develop campaigns to increase our awareness of diversity across the school. 

Some of their initial campaigns are going to include:

  • Increasing displays around the school which increase the awareness of diversity issues 
  • Making books on diversity more prominent and accessible in the school LRC 



What Other Support Services are there available for students on Diversity Issues? Mermaids – Transgender and Non-Binary Support Line This is a support line for families and individuals who are gender diverse/ transgender. Outhouse East This is a support service available in Essex who run sessions to support those young people in the LGBT+ community.  Broken Rainbow/ Galop Galop (now rebranded to Broken Rainbow) is a domestic violence hotline for the LGBTQ+ community. This service provides confidential support as well as information on potential next steps.  Childline Childline is a private and confidential service for children and young people aged under 19.  Ditch the Label A group whose aim is to combat bullying and the root causes of this. They are also available to support young people aged 12-25 who experience bullying.  Families and Friends of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People (FFLAG) FFLAG provides support for parents and their children.  Gendered Intelligence Gendered Intelligence is an organisation that works to increase the quality of trans people’s lives and raise awareness of the needs of trans people. They have a support group on their website for the parents/ carers of young trans people.  Gingerbread Gingerbread is a charity who supports single parent families to live secure, happy and fulfilling lives.  Hidayah A nationwide organisation for LGBTQ+ Muslims in the UK – they campaign for social justice to defeat the stigma faced by many within the Muslim community.  The LGBT Foundation This organisation supports people to increase their knowledge, skills and self confidence to improve/ maintain their health and wellbeing.  LGBT+ Switchboard This is a helpline for the LGBT+ community when they need the support the most. The conversations are 100% confidential.  NHS There is lots of information on the NHS choices website for both young people who are LGBT+ as well as their parents/ carers.  Stonewall Stonewall run an information service to help with issues affecting young people and their families in the LGBT+ community. 


Education Business Awards

National "Thank a Teacher" Day - Thursday 26th May

Dear Parents and Carers 26th May is National Thank a Teacher Day.  Our teaching and support staff work tirelessly to enable our students to enjoy their learning and achieve their personal best.  I know many of you appreciate the work they do and we would love to see as many 'thank you cards' as possible sent this week.  You can send a free thank you to any member of staff; teachers, teaching assistants, catering, site team, cleaners, admin.  You can access the thank you cards via this link. 'Thank You Card' 
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