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School Opening Hours (Term Time):

School commences at 8.40am and finishes at 3.15pm  –  Totalling 32 hours 55 minutes each week:

08:40 - 09:05 - AM Registration
09:05 - 10:05 - Period 1
10:05 - 11:05 - Period 2
11:05 - 11:30 - Break
11:30 - 12:30 - Period 3
12:30 - 13:05 - Lunch (Years 7,8 & 10)
12:30 - 13:30 - Period 4 (Years 9 & 11)
13:05 - 14:05 - Period 4 (Years 7,8 & 10)
13:30 - 14:05 - Lunch (Years 9 & 11)
14:05 - 14:15 - PM Registration
14:15 - 15:15 - Period 5

School Office Opening Hours (Term Time):

Monday – Thursday – 8:00am – 4:00pm
Friday 8:00am – 3:30pm

Executive Headteacher – Jonathan Bland

Head of School – John Player

Chair of Governors – Stephen Whitfield


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At The Stanway School we believe that it is a valuable part of a child’s education to learn to present him or herself publicly in a neat and appropriate manner. This is especially so in a formal environment such as a school or place of work. The high standards of appearance we expect at the Stanway School have a positive impact upon the standing of our school within the wider community. The name and reputation of our school will be associated with your son or daughter for the rest of their lives.

This document is simply a reminder of existing requirements so that you can purchase clothing and haircuts for your children with confidence.

We would never change our policy without first consulting with parents and students. We would never communicate changes without a letter and an announcement on the school website.

Uniform requirements for all students

School Uniform must be worn correctly at all times. All clothing should be clean, smart and marked with the student’s name.

Regulation School Uniform: This can be purchased from online from:

Uniform Blazer

  • Pre-embroidered school crest. (Available only from the school’s on-line suppliers).
  • Badges or logos (other than formal school-issued badges) are not acceptable.
  • School issue badges are worn of the left blazer lapel. Curricular and extra-curricular leadership badges are worn on the right blazer lapel.

Uniform Trousers

  • Mid Grey, formal style trousers. Available from the school’s on-line suppliers. Belts must be plain black leather with a discreet buckle. A standard waist band that includes belt-loops and a standard hook and eye or button closure.
  • Fashion style trousers such as denim jeans, jean style trousers, narrow fitted trousers, corduroy, mole skin or other heavy-duty materials (as used in utility clothing) are not acceptable. Additional pockets or zips are not permitted

Uniform Skirts

  • The Stanway School skirt is an alternative to the Mid Grey trousers. These must be worn at or below the knee. Available only from the school’s on-line suppliers.


  • A plain white traditional long or short-sleeved shirt with standard collar and white buttons. Shirts must be buttoned to the neck and tucked into trousers or skirts at all times. Available from the school’s on-line suppliers. However these may be purchased elsewhere. Epaulettes (or other non-formal attachments) blouse style shirts, t-shirts or sports shirts are not acceptable.
  • All ties are clip-on. These can also be purchased from our online supplier.
  • Uniform New style Navy V-neck sweater is optional and may be worn under the blazer during cold weather. This is only available from the school’s on-line suppliers. No other garments e.g. cardigans, sweatshirts, hooded tops, coloured jumpers are acceptable.
  • Girls’ shoes must have a closed-toe without excessive beading or other adornments.
  • Trainer-style shoes (sometimes with Logos or labels), Beetlecrushers, canvass ballerina, high heels or any type of boot (including DM style) are unacceptable


Optional School Jumper

Plain black ankle socks.

Plain black tights.

Knee High socks are not permitted as part of the uniform.

Formal Shoes

Plain flat black shoes with an entirely leather or faux leather upper that can be polished to a shine. Brogues, Oxfords, Loafers and Monk Straps are recommended.

  • Shoes that display a logo or brand on the upper, brace patterns or shoes with stitching that is not black, are not permitted.
  • Be aware that Velcro-fastenings are very often found on styles that may have been acceptable in Primary Schools but are not at The Stanway. Please check first.

Buy with confidence and do not trust ‘school wear’ signs in shops, they often try to boost sales by labeling trainer-style shoes as ‘school wear’. Check with us first if in doubt. Below is a helpful guide.

The Stanway School Acceptable Shoes guide (example is not exhaustive)


  • An outdoor coat with no attachments e.g. studs, chains or other obvious adornments.

School Bags

  • A suitable waterproof rucksack or bag large enough to take A4 folders and a range of books and equipment should be purchased.
  • For health and safety reasons jewellery is limited to a wristwatch, a medical bracelet or medical necklace (if needed) and one spherical gold or silver small stud per ear.
  • No rings, chains, tongue studs or visible body piercing/tattoos are ever permitted. Retainers are not allowed and it is not acceptable for piercings to be covered with a plaster. Piercings acquired without sufficient healing time prior to the start of term time may well turn out to be money wasted. Be aware when making this choice.
  • Hair should be the students’ natural colour, with no extremes in style such as shaved heads i.e. no overall cut which is less than a ‘grade 2’ or shaved patterns in the hair (including lines of any sort). In addition, there should be no extreme highlighting, e.g. red, pink, blue, etc or bleached blonde, or ‘dip-dyed’ hair.
  • All hair adornments (including clips, slides, ‘scrunchies’, Alice/hairbands ) must be discreet and not overtly patterned or jewelled.
  • Caps, beanie hats etc may not be worn in school.

Jewellery and Piercings;

For health and safety reasons jewellery is limited to a wristwatch, one ring, a medical bracelet or medical necklace (if needed) and one spherical gold or silver small stud per ear.

  • No chains, tongue studs or visible body piercing/tattoos are ever permitted.

Retainers are not allowed and it is not acceptable for piercings to be covered with a plaster.

Piercings acquired without sufficient healing time prior to the start of term time may well turn out to be money wasted. Be aware when making this choice.


  • Hair should not be tinted or coloured except in a natural colour or contain extreme highlights or two-tone hair colours. Please exercise caution as hair dye can be unpredictable.
  • Hair must not be shaved, nor closely shaved with clippers, Grade 2 being the shortest acceptable cut. This is 6mm in length.
  • Eyebrows must not be shaved with lines or patterns
  • The school reserves the right to make the final decision on what constitutes an unacceptable hairstyle. Check first to avoid issues.

Facial Hair

Older students (Years 10 and 11) may wear facial hair but this must be trimmed short and smart at all times. Excessively large side-burns and beards must be trimmed.


  • Make-up if worn should be very discreet. Students will be asked to remove excessive make-up. All Pastoral offices are equipped to remove excessive make-up.
  • Nail Varnish, Acrylic nails and False Eye lashes are not acceptable and students wearing these will be placed in isolation until they are removed.

Reasonable adjustments to uniform may be made for religious or (upon presentation of medical evidence) medical reasons and only then, following discussion with the Headteachers. These adjustments will never permit the wearing of fashion items such as black jeans or white trainers for example.

If for any reason an item of uniform is damaged and cannot be worn, a note from a parent or carer must be written in the school planner and shown to the Form Tutor. We will allow 48 hours for the item to be replaced after which students will be removed from general circulation. Students are also expected to wear loan items (blazers and ties) if requested. Any parent experiencing severe financial hardship should contact the Headteachers.

Any student who disregards the School Uniform Policy will be subject to sanction

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Styles and fashion wear (FAQs)

Why don’t you allow certain hairstyles or fashion items in school?

Individuality at The Stanway School is expressed through learning and character, not appearance. We recognise that changing hairstyles and clothes are an inevitable part of fashion. However, the school is a work environment for a large number of children and young adults who are at an impressionable stage of their life. It is our belief that children should come to school free from the pressures of fashion. The presentation of the students also reflects on the reputation and standing of the school in the wider community. A student who deliberately lowers these standards has a detrimental impact not only on themselves, but also every other student. Many parents do not wish to send their children into an environment where the latest superficial and costly trends are permitted. The associated pressure to copy these can also be a source of unnecessary anxiety or conflict with peers and family. We regularly have over 600 applications for just 225 places. To choose The Stanway School is to choose the school’s values and values of the vast majority of our supportive community.

What will happen if my child does not conform to school expectations?

Choosing not to comply with our simple guidelines regarding uniform, hairstyle and colour will initially result in the loss of social time for the student. The Pastoral Team will decide upon further action if the matter cannot be rectified in the short term. You will be informed of the concern and of the action being taken. Should there be continued refusal to meet our expectations sanctions will be put in place. This may include more serious sanctions such as internal or external exclusion.

There are other students in the school with extreme hairstyles, what is happening to them?

At The Stanway School we try hard to be consistent in our approach but there will always be occasions when issues are not immediately brought to our attention. Simply because a student has not yet been identified as breaching the rules does not mean an item of fashion wear or a particular hairstyle has become acceptable.

What do I do if I don’t agree with your policy on hair styles or fashion wear?

As always, if you feel an approach is unfair or unreasonable, then you can write to the Headteacher and/or Governing Body asking for a review. However, we have set out our rules clearly. They are reasonable and communicated clearly to all parents prior to joining the school. We believe our approach is in the interest of the whole school, the wider community and that students will profit by them in the long term.



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