Learning Resource Centre


Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is the heart of The Stanway School. This is a flexible, creative space for students to use for many different activities throughout the week.


To help your son/daughter choose a book that they will love, you may wish to use the Brilliant Books Reading List or The School Reading List. The level of challenge, topic and complexity of themes presented vary. 
Year 7 Reading List
Year 8 Reading List
Year 9 Reading List
Year 10 Reading List
Is your son/daughter struggling to find a book they love? Our top tips to promote reading are:
  1.  Capture their interest. Your son/daughter could start with articles, magazines, recipes or graphic novels.
  2.  Little and often. Aim for 20 minutes of reading a day.
  3.  Read with your child. This is a great way to help them to read fluently and to ask questions about their book.
  4.  Let your child see you read. Model good reading habits and show them the value of reading.
  5.  Try ‘phone free’ time to help your child focus on their book. Better yet, get into a routine of 20 minutes of family reading time.
  6.  There are lots of great books that have been turned into films or TV shows. Watching the film after you have read the book could be a fun incentive.
  7.  Turn to technology. Try audio guides to engage your child and support fluency. Kindles are also an alternative to paperbacks.
  8.  Try autobiographies or non-fiction texts based around your son/daughter’s hobbies.
  9.  Praise your child for their efforts and reward good reading habits.
For more information and on supporting reading at home, please see our videos on reading fluency and reading comprehension.

Our LRC contains over 15,000 books and resources and once a fortnight in Key Stage 3, English classes have a reading lesson, where students can choose age appropriate books to read, digest and take an assessment to check for understanding. This helps in all areas of the school as reading ages of our students continue to increase over time.

The LRC is one of our many multifunctional spaces, we have a full computer suite and a tropical aquarium, maintained by a team of keen students, you can also find some comfortable seating areas to read in or for students to take a moment of calm in these well-being areas. Magazines can be loaned overnight as well as being able to use the internet, read newspapers or play board games.

At break and lunch, groups of students can come into the LRC to work on computers (which they can pre-book), read books, play board games or as an occasional rainy day treat, watch a film. For our older students in Year 11, a day of the week is set aside for them to revise and prepare for their upcoming exams, with all resources provided. After school, you can find homework club and revision or interventions taking place.

Every year we hold visits and talks with authors, motivational speakers and poets.  Each year group holds Q&A sessions, alongside these, we have a twice-yearly book fair, with all students given the opportunity to purchase books and stationery of their choice.

The LRC is also the hub of the Learning Support team, and you can regularly see interventions taking place here. Sometimes students meet in small groups to receive additional support in certain subjects, while other times, 1-to-1 tuition takes place here.


“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book” – J K Rowling


Mrs A Taylor

LRC Coordinator

Education Business Awards